The CheyenneX (Cheyenne Exploration, Inc.) has transitioned from an environmentally responsible and low-cost oil and gas exploration firm to a provider of clean energy technologies in America. One such technology involves the recycling of oil that already exists in the US – used motor oil (UMO). Another examines the mechanisms for producing energy in a cleaner manner.

The primary mission for the Company is to promote re-refining UMO technology. The Company’s purpose began to change as the management of CheyenneX became aware of an industry-related project that directly and tangibly addressed pollution – re-refineries. The Company is also providing seed money for the development of biomass recycling (as in beer production) and exploring the development of technologies for recycling waste mining water.

Since 2005, CheyenneX ’s main focus has been on oil and gas activities. In 2006, the shareholders were approached to assist in financing the cost of building a re-refinery. Since mid 2006, CheyenneX has been researching opportunities involved in the construction of re-refineries.
Specifically this research involves the re-refining of used motor oil (UMO). The projected cost to build a re-refinery in the United States is $65 million dollars. With capital expenditures this high it was important to examine some of the underlying factors involved in re-refining UMO. One of the most surprising aspects was that obtaining UMO for re-refining involved competitive bids.

The main competition for purchase is coming from a highly questionable utilization of UMO – "bunker fuel." This website describes what is currently happening with UMO in America with the intention of promoting re-refining.

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